Sophie Beth Cowan 

I'm a landscape photographer who enjoys capturing vast, vibrant scenes. I find being out in the landscape with my camera really peaceful and relaxing, and I aim for my images to convey these emotions to the audience.
I love the challenge of landscape photography as you have little control over the environment you're working in, which makes getting a good photo even more rewarding.
Marc Sumner 

I am a photographer from Liverpool who looks beyond the obvious and creates meaning in the everyday. I enjoy going out onto the street to stop time and show how people live along with brining a sense of surrealism.

Photography gives me a sense of freedom to create anything I want to create; it gets me out of the house and out of my own brain. I love to think of a specific theme and go out and photograph for the day. My work is aimed towards curiosity & ambiguity, I like to have reactions of why? This allows my audience to come up with their own assumptions on what my work is about and what they get from my work based on personal experiences. My aim is to evoke emotion through street photography.

I can be contacted at:
Paul Morgan

An inspiring urban landscape photographer. Capturing peaceful and dramatic scenes highlighting the natural beauty the Earth has to offer. We live in a fast pace world I want my photography to relax and bring calmness to the viewers. Make them realise just how beautiful the natural scenes are. 
Connah Bowden

I am a Widnes-based photographer with a keen interest within street photography. I enjoy nothing more than documenting the everyday life of the North West and other places that I find myself travelling to and take pleasure from my experiences in learning and experimenting with my work whilst trying to improve the quality of it each time. 
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